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Size Guide

Merino wool has an amazing natural stretch to it which means your little ones are likely to stay in their sleepwear longer than the size on the label states. Sizes are really just a guide and clothing can be worn either fitted or loose as your style dictates.  

Our sleeping bags are super generously sized allowing for complete freedom of movement as babies tend to wriggle lots during the night.  

Baby Sleeping Bags are suitable for use from approximately 2 months - 2 years and at 92cm are the longest on the market. 


0-3 months - 62cm
3-6 months - 68cm
6-12 months - 78cm
12-18 months - 86cm 
18-24 months - 92cm 


To measure your baby lay them down and, using a fabric measuring tape note the measurement from the top of their head to the bottom of their heel. We always recommend sizing up if your baby is nearly the size up to make sure you get the most use out of your garments.