Why Merino?

100% natural, superfine merino wool has unbeatable temperature regulating qualities and is luxuriously fine and soft against a baby’s delicate skin. Our merino sleepwear gifts blissful, better quality sleep, giving parents total peace of mind too.

proven to sleep better

Babies who sleep in merino wool are known to ‘fall asleep quicker, sleep longer’ and have ‘deeper, better quality sleep’

Dr Paul Swan,

University of Sydney

for peace of mind

Studies show babies are more likely to settle quickly, cry less, feed better and gain weight faster when settled to sleep in merino wool. What’s more, merino's breathable, thermo-neutral, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and fire-retardant properties support a baby’s needs, and bring reassurance to parents when needed most.

thoughtfully designed

Our products are designed in Great Britain with functionality, comfort and ease of use in mind... from washability to maneoverability for midnight nappy changing, every detail is carefully and lovingly chosen from the yarn and fibres to each popper, zip and seam.

nature’s miracle

A naturally breathable microclimate created around the baby’s body actively responds to fluctuations in body temperature. When it’s hot, intelligent fibres draw heat and moisture away from the skin, when it’s cooler the heat stays in, keeping your baby comfortable and cosy all night long.

soft, warm and gentle

All our merino products are made from 100% superfine, pure wool fibres that won’t irritate delicate skin and can alleviate eczema symptoms… so baby can float away in to a dreamy, cosy and blissful slumber.

responsibly made

Our merino fabric is responsibly made using ethically sourced RSW certified yarn, our cotton is certified organic by OEKO-TEK and our garments are made by people in small, family owned factories with an admirable code of conduct. We care deeply about being responsible and kind at every stage – from the merino sheep, to our people and our planet.