Our Story

Hi, I'm Katie, 

Back in 2006, when my babies were tiny, a wonderful woman shared her wisdom that sleep was the essence of a happier, more peaceful life. She taught me that finding ways to get dreamy, restorative sleep would help make life a little bit more manageable…. and that friend was Rochelle - the founder of the UK’s first merino sleepwear brand Bambino Merino. Growing up in New Zealand, Rochelle knew first hand that merino wool is the finest, most functionally intelligent fabric to make sleepwear with - it keeps babies safe, snug and temperature regulated so they sleep soundly.

In 2020, as Rochelle returned home, I was given the chance to make Bambino Merino my own. It’s amazing to now be custodian of the brand that helped shape my early parenting years. All year long I’ve been working on the new colours, products, branding and this website. You’ll see that my passion for really well designed products that deliver brilliant function and lifestyle benefits is really ignited - 15 years in consultancy for childcare products were unleashed and it’s amazing to now be ready to share this.

For every new parent out there…. I’m with you every step of the way as you discover the value of sleep for your little ones so that together you can find the joy in babyhood and, with that, you’ll bring the sass into parenthood.

Thank you for joining me